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Haadiya Usman

Hello Wolfpack!

Serving as Equity Commissioner, I've gained valuable insights both through my official role and through engaging conversations with YOU. I've discovered my passion for interacting with students, each with their unique story and diverse life experiences. Advocating for students and addressing their unique needs proved to be a delightful challenge, and it was incredibly fulfilling every time I connected with someone eager to join the Woodsworth community. If elected President, I commit to championing the initiatives I set out to address in my role as Equity Commissioner. These include, but are not limited to, tackling food insecurity, celebrating diversity, creating a more inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ community members, and working towards subsidizing TTC passes.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you; I look forward to the possibility of continuing this journey together.

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Michael Nebesny

Hi, I’m Michael Nebesny and I believe that associations are only as strong as their boards. Thus, I’m running for VP Internal for two reasons: having served as VP External, Leader Relations Director, and External Associate, I understand WCSA’s needs; and from my diverse experiences in governance (including on the board of Scouts Canada—a nation-wide nonprofit with 60,000+ members), I have the skills to meet our organisational needs.


WCSA needs someone who can expand on my many successes as VP External. I’ve spent the last year with clubs supporting their presidents, building their brand, and developing their growth plans. This positions me to be a strong VP Internal, who will meet the board’s professional development needs, manage our digital and physical assets, and build a strategic plan to address our shortcomings in communications, finances, and brand awareness.


Crikey! Just vote Mikey!


Vice President of Financial Affairs


Sareena Kelash


Hello lovely people! As the Vice President of Financial Affairs, my prior aim would be the efficient and effective allocation of funds to maximize the welfare of the Woodsworth College Students. Additionally, using my Associate Director of Financial Affairs experience (from the ongoing year) and accounting expertise, I will ensure maximum accuracy in recording and reporting financial transactions and improve the methods already in place. I plan to work on periodic audits, ensure absolute honesty and integrity in money management, and make the best of the funds available to keep the Woodsworth students entertained and satisfied!

Economic flair, with Sareena in the chair!!!


Vice President of Public Relations


Jessica Wang

I am happy to be re-running for the position of VP Public Relations. With a passion for designing and a commitment to fostering a positive community, I am eager to continue contributing my skills and experience to this portfolio.


Throughout the previous academic year I developed an understanding of the role and expectations as well as tactics that build engagement within the Woodsworth Community. I brought many original designs from stickers, hoodies and my WCSA Yearbook passion project to life and I plan on continuing this momentum the following academic year.


In order to create an approachable community feeling, I hope to bring more informal video content to build a sense of community and design freebies to give-out to students that come to our events.


I am confident that I can effectively fulfill the responsibilities of this role and help elevate our brand to new heights.


Vice President of Social Affairs 

Harshita Mishra


Woody Woody Woody! Hi Wolfpack!


I'm Harshita Mishra, a second-year student pursuing a double major in Physiology and Human Biology, with a minor in Immunology.


From serving pancakes at WCSA Wednesdays as the Interim Off-Campus Students' Director to guiding first-years as an orientation leader and contributing to the social Ad-Hoc committee, I've developed a deep connection to WCSA.


Beyond Woodsworth, I mentor first-years and engage with elementary students on diversity and bullying. As the Events Director for Green Dream, I've organized awareness campaigns, clean- ups, and "Get to Know Us" events.


I truly believe social events are vital for building community. My vision is to make Woodsworth a dynamic and inclusive space by introducing culturally significant events and fostering collaborations with other colleges and clubs.


Let's make Woodsworth the lively and welcoming hub it's meant to be!

Vice President of External Affairs 


Harmanpreet Pahwa


Hello Hello Woodsworth! I’m Harmanpreet Pahwa and I'm running to be your next Vice President of External Affairs. As the past Professional Development Director at WCSA, I’ve seen first-hand how crucial it is to host events that have an impact for innovation and growth. I plan on bringing this impact as your next VP of External Affairs! By: 1) Overseeing WCSA and WCSA affiliated clubs, and further connecting with them for their needs 2) Working on the Individual Initiative Grant to make it as accessible to as many students as possible and 3) Work on more impactful WCSA collaborations like the multicultural event and job fairs!

With the students of Woodsworth (You!), I want to create a community that is accessible, open and welcoming. Let's do this together, vote Harmanpreet!



Sami Ahmed


I’m Sami Ahmed, a second year studying maths and stats. In my role as a Mentor at Woodsworth, I have guided first year students in their efforts to achieve their academic, social, and personal goals. As an International Experience Assistant at the Dean’s Office and as VP of Bratty House at UC, I have advocated for those I am responsible for, listened to questions and concerns, and attended various meetings concerning student programming, event planning, and resolved recurring issues. By voting for me as Vice-President of External Affairs, you are selecting a candidate who not only possesses the necessary experience but also the passion and dedication to represent our student body in external matters. Your support will enable me to serve as a proactive liaison between Woodsworth and external organizations, furthering the goals and objectives of our college. Your vote counts!


Vice President of Athletic Affairs 


Luca Giavedoni

Hello Woodsworth! My name is Luca Giavedoni. I have a passion for the students of Woodsworth! Shown by being an active member of orientation for the last two years and associate director of athletics for this past year with WCSA. I am also involved in many intramural sports with Woodsworth. If elected I want to expand the marketing for our Intramurals allowing more students to be involved in athletics within the college and make the process for signing up for intramurals more accessible. I hope to hold fun and engaging events next year such as expanding the number of tickets for our annual ski trip and introducing fitness/strength training instruction classes within the college for the beginner and advanced athlete.

I also want to hear what YOU the students want to see for sports events by creating feedback forms and polling for the most popular event ideas. Vote Luca for VP athletics!


Associate Director of Financial Affairs 


Jacob Freedman

Hello Woodsworth! I’m Jacob, a first year student studying Economics and International Relations. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of WCSA as Associate Director of External Affairs, and I hope to translate that experience into this new role! As Associate Director of Financial Affairs, I hope to foster transparency and ensure that WCSA is spending your fees on events and initiatives that serve you. Some key goals of mine would be to improve the awareness and accessibility of the Woodsworth Tax Clinic and assist with the creation of a clear budget for all WCSA initiatives. I hope you’ll consider me for this position as I strive to build a more open WCSA for everyone.


Associate Director of Public Relations (2)


Isabella Gouthro

Hi guys!! My name is Isabella Gouthro and I am running to be WCSA’S associate of public relations. I was elected to this role last year and have really enjoyed being a part of the team and helping Woodsworth make memories! I hope to do the same again this year and hope you will consider me for the position :) Thank you!


Jane Lee

Hello everyone! My name is Jane Lee, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Associate PR position in the upcoming 2024-25 election cycle. I was one of the Associate PRs last year and as the Mental Health Director the year before, I've had the privilege of collaborating closely with our incredible team, contributing to meaningful impacts on our organization and our students. I’m eager to continue this journey and bring my dedication and experience to the role of Associate PR again. Thank you so much for considering my candidacy!


Associate Director of Athletic Affairs

Daniel Rutherford

As Associate Director of Athletic Affairs, I will bring leadership and sports experience to the table. My experience includes being a hockey referee and timekeeper for high level youth athletics and involvement on the Varsity Blues promotional team here at the University. My goal is to ensure that our intramural sports run smoothly and effectively, and I will be sure to take into consideration suggestions and wishes of students to the best of my abilities alongside the incoming Director of Athletic Affairs. Additionally, I will also collaborate with fellow WCSA members and interact with Woodsworth College members outside of current athletic interests to increase engagement of the intramural program. I believe that my experiences with sport will assist in not only the proliferation of the athletics program, but also further impact the Woodsworth community in a positive manner.

David Clark

My name is David! I'm a first-year Life Science student originally from Markham, Ontario. You may have seen me in and around Varsity Arena either supporting the varsity hockey teams or playing hockey myself, as I Captained the division 1 hockey team for Woodsworth Intramurals last semester. Sports have been with me all my life, from soccer to competitive swimming, I’ve tried it all. Because of this, I know that no matter what sport you play, the community and environment create a sense of belonging that you can’t find anywhere else. That is why I decided to run for Associate Director of Athletic Affairs, to ensure I can create this environment for Woodsworth Students like you and me. Vote for a sense of belonging within the Woodsworth sports community. Vote for David Clark. Thank you!


Associate Director of External Affairs

Mon Diaz Gutierrez

As a student at U of T running for Associate Director of External Affairs, I am looking to ease communications and cultivate fruitful relations with other organizations in and outside U of T.

I believe that having worked in External Affairs in previous student-led organizations has prepared me with the necessary abilities to rise up to the challenge. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be part of WCSA and contribute to its goals of serving and representing Woodsworth Students while promoting equity and diversity. Given the all-encompassing nature of the role, I strongly believe my abilities in clear communication, leadership, relationship building, networking, adaptability and collaboration will allow me to contribute to WCSA as Associate Director of External Affairs.


Nathan Eluvathingal

Hey Woodsworth community, it's Nathan Eluvathingal! Stepping up from my current role as First Years Student’s Director to run for Associate Director of External Affairs. I've got a solid grasp of our community's heartbeat and WCSA's inner workings. As your Associate Director of External Affairs, I'm committed to learning, growing, and making tangible contributions. Collaborating closely with the VP External, I'll ensure seamless communication with external groups and keep our clubs running smoothly. But that's not all! With the VP's guidance, I'll strive to bring in fresh sponsorships and partners, enhancing our event experiences. I’m willing to work till I exceed your expectations and show you evident results. Your support means the world to me, and I'm excited to continue work with all of you, making Woodsworth College an even better home away from home.

Mature Student’s Director


Michelle Forbes

I'm MissChiMi and this is CandleLit Yoga. Welcome to my Candidate Statement. I am enrolled as an APB Mature Student in pursuit of a PhD. I teach Indus Yoga, the science of Free Will, a belief system where intentions choose emotional assignment for calculating creatively when trauma rears an ugly selfie. Although running unopposed, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. My agenda encourages meaningful communication to access the resources simplifying university life, by the advantages and disadvantages of age range. Unlikely relationships form friendships, gaining wisdom from elder error for eager youngbloods to fix current technical mistakes. I am proposing to host a Woodsworth Podcast for sharing relatable expertise, constructive criticism, and the interests and talents of a diverse student body. Pop Culture instead of impulsive cancel culture. For the unopposed win.


Community Outreach and Sustainability 


Noah Cazabon

Hello Woodsworth! My name is Noah Cazabon and I am running for re- election as Community Outreach and Sustainability Director. I am entering my final year of studies in biology, urban studies, and psychology; as someone who studies ecology and urban design, I know what it takes to make Woodsworth more sustainable. I’ve gained extensive event planning experience through my 2 years at WCSA, and I hope to apply that again this year! I want to apply that to promote charitable and sustainable initiatives at Woodsworth that have a local and global impact. This year I led initiatives like a bike share subsidy, the 2nd annual prof roast, and meatless Mondays. Additionally, I want to host a used clothing market, can drives, fundraising events, foster political participation, and much more. I want to make creating a positive difference as accessible as possible!

Alessandro Spagnolo

If elected for this role, I will dedicate myself to improving our greater community. Being situated within the city of Toronto, we are surrounded by innumerable avenues of opportunity to give back to our community. We don’t need to wait for major holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, to give back to our community, when we have the capacity to do so on a much more frequent basis. By hosting events such as community clean-up days, blood drives, bake sales, fundraisers, and other various charity events, I will help facilitate engaging and fun events that allow students to donate their time and efforts to noble causes. I will also seek to connect with various local communities across the city, such as retirement homes, soup kitchens, and local churches, to give students numerous opportunities to get involved.

Jasmine Lin

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine Lin and I’m a first-year student in the Rotman Commerce program. I’m running for the position of Community Outreach and Sustainability director because I believe in building a student environment where we can give back to our community and create sustainable change as a simple, feel-good part of our daily lives. My previous experience as an executive of an environmental club has equipped me with plenty of knowledge on sustainability and interactive ideas for making a difference locally. For example, a clothing swap where students can donate and swap for new clothes for free to reduce waste and thriftily refresh their wardrobe. I plan to contribute consistently towards fulfilling the Community Outreach and Sustainability Committee’s mission throughout the year. If fun opportunities to get involved with the community sounds appealing to you, vote for me!

Equity Commissioner


Hannah Yin

Hey Wolfpack! My name is Hannah Yin, a 3rd year student in PCJ; CAS & Poli Sci. I am excited to run for Equity Commissioner!

I have been an active member of the WDW community for the past 3 years, having worked multiple jobs here and most recently as Orientation Coordinator of WDW Orientation 2023. My experiences with WCSA and feedback I’ve received regarding the equity of opportunities in the association are the core motivators of my candidacy. I plan on improving equity three ways: 1) compile a report of the WCSA constitution and bylaws to make it more straightforward and equitable 2) produce reports for the social & PR portfolio on equitable practices to integrate in their work 3) actively participate in conversations and monitor exec decisions.

I hope that you can put your trust in me to make a more fair, accessible, and equitable student association for us! Vote Hannah Yin for Equity!

Krisha Khanna

Hi Wolfpack! I am Krisha, a second-year international student pursuing a Psychology Specialist and Women and Gender Studies Major. Ensuring equity in communities and shared spaces not only lies at the crucial intersection of my academic disciplines but also aligns with my values. As part of the Summer Psychology Research Initiative (SPRINT UofT), I trained in the practical application of equity in academic and research settings. I wish to expand my involvement with equity towards student communities, through WCSA. Being involved with WCSA as an Orientation Leader and through the role of the Services and Initiatives Assistant(SIA), I have developed an admiration for and dedication to our goals of student welfare. As Equity Commissioner, I aim to establish a safe space for Woodsworth students of all identities to share their experiences and voices. I also wish to continue WCSA’s commitment to being mindful of and ensuring our students’ diverse needs.


Stephanie Idoko


Hello Woodsworth. My name is Stephanie Idoko and I am currently in my 2nd year of study as a full-time international student. I am running for the position of Equity Commissioner. I believe I can serve as a leader with proper interpersonal skills, a high level of cultural sensitivity and competency, and more importantly the capacity to advocate for and adapt to various needs. My goal is to provide a more equitable space for all students, but especially for marginalized and racialized students. I know that phrases such as “equity, diversity, and inclusion” often come off as superficial well-worded statements that produce no real effect/change and my goal is to change that. I want to provide meaning to those words for the Woodsworth students. With me, there will always be an inclusive and diverse space available to students. Contact (instagram): @neefaste_

Professional Development Director

Sneha Bansal

For most, the purpose of attending university lies within the career opportunities it will bring in the future; this majority includes myself. My name is Sneha Bansal and I am a first year Social Sciences student planning to major in Ethics, Law and Society. As a Professional Development director, my aim is to plan informative events such as coffee chats and virtual Q+A panels across many fields. I hope to connect students with resources and networking opportunities, helping determine the path they want to follow in order to accomplish their goals. I hope you consider me to be a part of the WCSA team so we can move forward feeling confident about our futures together!

Academic Bridging Students' Director

Mary Josephine O'connor

Hey, it's MJ! I am a graduate of the Academic Bridging Program who has been a walking advertisement for the program ever since. I understand what it is like to be coming from unique life experiences. I’ve had the privilege of being the Academic Bridging Students’ Director since summer 2023. I’d love to continue fostering the relationships I’ve made with the Bridging community and advocate for those on unconventional paths, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. So many people are unaware of the bridging program and it has proved to be challenging to figure out ways to involve and support bridging students. Now that I have connected with students and faculty, I have a much clearer idea of what would benefit this wonderful community. I plan on hosting more bridging specific workshops and events and to incorporate an aspect of community outreach in support of the program.

Off-Campus Students’ Director

Timur Seroglazov

Hi everyone! My name is Timur, and I’m running for the position of Off-Campus Students’ Director at WCSA!


As a long-time commuter student, I understand the daily struggles we face, trying to balance schoolwork and campus life while juggling off-campus responsibilities and commitments – all of this adds up and stresses people out. Going into my final year in Fall, I decided to give back to the Woodsworth community by running for an Off Campus Students’ Director. My campaign promise is to increase WCSA outreach with Woodsworth’ Off Campus’ Students, including active social media engagement and to organize more events, as well as advocating for issues specific to off-campus/commuter students!

Woodsworth College Residence Director

Dear Woodsworth students,

I'm thrilled to run for Woodsworth College Residence Director, aspiring to create your home away from home. My vision is clear: build a community where each resident feels a sense of belonging at the best residence on campus.

As a resident myself, I've noted firsthand where I’ve felt engaged and identified areas where improvement is possible. With me as your director, I promise to engage and foster the community at the Woodsworth Residence and help you create unforgettable memories. In addition to exciting events, I’ll ensure that every resident has the resources and support necessary to excel in their environment. Your concerns, queries, and suggestions will always be answered with promptness and assurance.

Vote for me as your Residence Director. Together, we'll transform our residence into a thriving community.

Natalia Zubair Abbasi

Woodsworth College Residence Director


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