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Soban Atique

Hi Wolfpack! My name is Soban Atique, and I am running to be your President! My experience at Woodsworth includes: this year’s Vice President of Internal Affairs, Interim Leader Relations Director for O-Week ‘22, Services and Initiatives Assistant for ‘22, Registration Director for O-Week ‘21, Social Affairs Committee for ‘21 and Summer E-Mentor! I am a familiar face at Woodsworth College, and my goals for next year are to a) cultivate a welcoming and warm culture both at WCSA and for all Woodsworth College students and b) promote an accessible, approachable and friendly student governance body to ensure individuals feel comfortable and valued voicing their ideas. I am charismatic and welcoming to new faces at UofT, and I hope to be able to continue serving the amazing community that Woodsworth is. Vote Soban!

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Farida Kayed

Hi! My name is Farida, and I am running for Vice president of internal affairs. I am currently in the life sciences stream. I believe my leadership is suited for vp internals’ executive position with previous experience planning events on WCSA as first year director. I have been an active member of school, sports, and humanitarian communities for as long as I can remember. I was a part of student council for 10 years as I worked my way up and became president. I have planned carnivals, tournaments, fundraisers, workshops name it my team and I made. Through my time and position in student council, my workplace in the pharmacy, coaching volleyball, being on WCSA or even just amongst friends planning fun events and taking initiatives throughout these communities are two things I thrive at. I want to be in a position of making your ideas a reality! 

Mehak Lamba

Knock knock! Who’s there? Hopefully, your future VP Internal! Hello Wolfpack, my name is Mehak Lamba and I am running for VP Internal. After spending this past term as Equity Commissioner, the experiences I gained in collaborating with fellow students and board members will accompany me when taking on this new role. In this new position, I aim to oversee student spaces, continue to ensure all WCSA-affiliated events follow laws of equity and accessibility, and ensure all board members uphold their responsibilities while assisting them when needed. Moreover, I will strive to build a bridge between students and WCSA, connecting the two communities. If you have questions feel free to reach out on Instagram (@m.ehak). I hope to serve you all in this next term year and I sincerely thank you for reading my statement and for your support! 


Paul Lifotra

Having the privilege to serve at WCSA as the VP of Public Relations, I had the opportunity of working alongside some of the most dedicated individuals at Woodsworth College. Nothing brings me more joy than to see people have fun at WCSA events. I strongly believe in “WCSA is elected by YOU to serve YOU” as I envision a WCSA built around 3 core principles: Accountability, Accessibility and Advocacy.


My first step after being elected is to engage with the students through WCSA events, office hours, and feedback forms because your voice matters. Together, through collaboration, we can build a WCSA that truly serves you. Finally, as your VP of Internal Affairs, I promise to put your interests and needs above all. These elections are not about me but serving you, the students!


Vice President of Financial Affairs


Julie Souchet

Hi I’m Julie and I’m running for Vice President of Financial Affairs at WCSA! I’ve had the pleasure of working as a Services & Initiatives Assistant at WCSA this year where I have learned a lot about the inner workings of the association which I believe makes me qualified for this position. As an economics major, I will use my knowledge gained to ensure the financial well-being behind WCSA’s fun projects and events. Lastly, I will focus on increased transparency and efficiency in the association’s allocation of funds.


Vice President of Public Relations


Jessica Wang

Hi Everyone~ My name is Jessica Wang! I’m going into my third year in Rotman Commerce specializing in Finance and Economics. Some hobbies of mine include snowboarding and painting! It was a pleasure to serve as the Marketing Director for Woodsworth Orientation this past year and I am very excited to run for Vice President of Public Relations! Through various media I want to create a stronger community within and outside of WCSA. With my years of experience in marketing, I have the skills to bring new engagement and ideas to the table. I want to launch new campaigns focused on revamping the website, creating fun and engaging reels, holding more art related events and starting WCSA’s very own magazine! Thank you for considering me! I won’t let you down!


Vice President of Social Affairs 


Faria Jahan

Hi! My name is Faria Jahan and I am running for your VP of Social Affairs for the WCSA 2023-2024 academic year! I am running for VP of Social Affairs because I am dedicated to a new and strong Woodsworth community. My motivation stems from my desire to see a more united Woodsworth where all students feel that they can voice their opinions, feel represented, and feel comfortable to approach not only me but any board member with any questions/concerns. To ensure this takes place, I will try to make every social event as accessible as possible to the diverse population we have here at Woodsworth. Whether that be representing the first-year students, mature students, graduating students, or anyone in between, my goal is to ensure your 2023-2024 academic year at Woodsworth will be one for the books!


Vice President of External Affairs 


Michael Nebesny

Now in 4th year, Woodsworth has been my fondest UofT experience. But as Orientation head-leader (3 yrs involvement) and as team-lead at our tax clinic (2 yrs), I’ve seen how clubs’ funding and partnerships are imperative to their success. As WCSA Associate External Director this past year, my advocacy in getting resources for clubs has been essential in elevating our renowned sense of community, especially with so many students on campus for the first time.

On the other hand, as a proud member of the Wolfpack, I want to ensure our voices are heard not just within our clubs but higher up in UofT governance too. WCSA needs to sustain its relationship and representation with committees and advisory groups, and I’ll bring my experience liaising between individual groups and management at both Scouts Canada (3 yrs) and the Newman Centre (1 yr).


Vice President of Athletic Affairs 


Nadia Persaud

Hi Woodsworth! My name is Nadia Persaud, and I am running to be your VP of Athletic Affairs. As the current VP, I believe myself to be qualified for reasons such as our EXTREMELY successful 2023 ski trip, the overall success of our 2022/2023 intramural teams, many of which are currently first in the league! My main goal going into the position was to make athletics equitable, which I succeeded in doing during our ski trip, which was priced low enough to have everybody, regardless of skill set, attend and enjoy the experience. If I am to be elected this year, I want to further this initiative with even more events and opportunities for students! #votepersaud <3 


Associate Director of Financial Affairs 


Sareena Kelash

As the Associate Director of financial affairs, my prior aim would be the efficient and effective allocation of funds to maximize the welfare of the Woodsworth College Students. Additionally, using my Services and Initiatives Assistant experience and accounting expertise, I will ensure maximum accuracy in recording and reporting financial transactions and improve the methods already in place. With assistance from my Vice President of Financial Affairs, I plan to work on periodic audits, ensure absolute honesty and integrity in money management, and make the best of the funds available to keep the Woodsworth students entertained and satisfied!


Associate Director of Public Relations (2)


Isabella Gouthro

Hi! I’m Isabella Gouthro and I’m a second year student running for Associate Director of Public Relations because my experience this past year as part of the mental health committee has encouraged me to run for a leadership position in the hopes that I will be able to make a positive contribution to WCSA. My experiences as a team member as well as in leadership positions have prepared me for this role and I look forward to working with the team to prioritize student needs. As associate director I will do my best to ensure that everybody is represented and well informed about the initiatives we are working towards as an organization. Thank you!


Jane Lee

Hello everyone :> My name is Jane Lee and I am a second year student who is currently the mental health director for WCSA! I am excited to run for the position of The Associate Directors of Public Relations and I believe that my experiences at Woodsworth and my qualifications make me a great candidate for this role. I look forward to working with the team once again this year to better our community. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Associate Director of Social Affairs


Claire Gao 

I am a first-year Social Science student, intending on majoring in Sociology and Human Resources. My extracurricular involvement this year include volunteering as a Marketing Associate for the University of Toronto’s Policython, flutist with the Hart House Symphonic Band, and Intramurals Mixed Volleyball. This year, I realized that Woodsworth’s students' voices are rarely heard. As the Associate Director of Social Affairs, I will advocate for Woodsworth College’s students to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, whether it is through accessibility accommodations during events or constructive feedback on past events. If elected, I WILL actively engage in conversations with WCSA, to a greater variety of in-person and virtual events to suit everyone's preference! Thank you for your support! 


Associate Director of Athletic Affairs


Luca Giavedoni

My name is Luca Giavedoni a 3rd year Woodsworth student in the CSB department. I have been engaged in Woodsworth since I transferred to UofT at the end of my first year and find myself only wanting to be more involved. In terms of experience for the role of associate director of athletic affairs, I have played both recreational and competitive sports since I was in grade school, and I have been a part of many intramural teams as a captain and team member. I hope to bring exciting athletic events and outreach to Woodsworth students. I have held other position on executive teams of clubs on campus and have learned how to serve students properly. I look forward to possibly being a board member of the Woodsworth community. Please reach out for any questions you may have at my Instagram: Luca_Giavedoni


Mature Student’s Director


Heather Woo

I believe that the return of a student to formal study after being away for more than 2 years is to be celebrated, supported, and recognized. The return can be challenging, and as the current Mature Student Director, my goals this year have been to learn about the students I represent and try and effect positive change, to increase engagement between them and their college, and to learn how to support them as they return to study. Mature students have lives that differ from traditional students; they may have jobs, families, parents they need to care for. Their needs are not met by the traditional structure of university or its supports. Please consider re-electing me so I can continue the work to increase support to students, act as a liaison and advocate between them and the WCSA Board members, and to produce helpful content.


Community Outreach and Sustainability 


Noah Cazabon

Hello Woodsworth! My name is Noah Cazabon and I am running for Community Outreach and Sustainability Director. I am entering my fourth year of studies in biology, urban studies, and psychology; as someone who studies ecology and urban design, I know what it takes to make Woodsworth more sustainable. I have event planning experience through WCSA as the Off- Campus Students’ director this year and I want to apply that to promote charitable and sustainable initiatives at Woodsworth that have a local and global impact. I want to host a used clothing market, can drives, fundraising events, add used battery collection bins, foster political participation, and much more. I want to make creating a positive difference as accessible as possible! 


Paul Gweon

I believe that I am suitable for this position because I have experience. I have been the Community Outreach and Sustainability Director (interim) for the past 5 months and I have become much more familiar with the position. I have plans that I started in the interim position, and because I am a man of his word, I want to finish the jobs I started thus I would like to run for this position and be the director again. My unmatched work ethic coupled with passion and determination makes me an ideal candidate for this position.


Mental Health Director 


Jaimee Yu

Dear Woodsworth students,

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Mental Health Director position in our student organisation. Mental health is a critical issue that affects not only individuals but entire communities. As someone who has experienced firsthand the impact of mental health challenges, I am passionate about advocating for the well-being of our fellow students.


As Mental Health Director, my main goal will be to ensure that our organisation creates a supportive and inclusive environment for students who struggle with mental health issues. I believe that every student should have access to resources that can help them cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concern they may face. 

As Mental Health Director, I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all students. I believe that mental health is a vital aspect of student life, and I am dedicated to promoting it through education, advocacy, and support. 


Maria Costa 

Hi Woodsworth! My name’s Maria Costa and I’m a second year Immunology, Physiology and Spanish student running to be your next Mental Health Director! If elected, I will make sure to put my best efforts forth and organise the most fun and stress relieving activities throughout the next school year to make it the best it can be! :) 




International Students’ Director


Meng Qi Jiang

As an international student myself, I have a strong understanding of the international experience and hold valuable communication skills to serve in the position of WCSA International Students’ Director. I am an open and caring individual eager to represent and support international students’ journeys at Woodsworth College. U of T is a big place, and I strongly believe engaging with your community here is so important for your growth and pursuits! I look forward to creating fun social events to celebrate U of T students’ diverse backgrounds while making meaningful connections. My past leadership roles include Orientation Leader, E-Mentor, Program Assistant, among many others, which all show my passion for community building and student voice. 



Equity Commissioner


Sarah Varughese

Hi, my name is Sarah Varughese (she/her) and I’m running for the position of Equity Commissioner for WCSA!


I am a female Malaysian-Indian third-year student majoring in Neuroscience.

I am intimately familiar with many of the challenges that come from a lack of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within a university education and I am very passionate about working to combat these challenges.

Last year, I helped Professor Bill Ju conduct a literature scan of the promotion of EDI within Canadian undergraduate life science programs and the results were unsurprisingly bleak.


I hope to be able to help change that! As Equity Commissioner for WCSA, my main goals will be promoting and helping implement EDI initiatives that foster inclusivity in our student community and celebrate the diversity that makes Canada so special.


Part-Time Students’ Director


Shabir Brar

Hello Woodsworth! My name is Shabir Brar and I am running for the Part Time Students Director position.  I want to play an active role in the ongoing improvement of our part time students experience at Woodsworth College via UofT St. George campus. This position will be an excellent opportunity to work along side the Association of Part-Time Undergraduates Students (APUS) in representing the interests of part-time students.  Further enhancing the time spent at Woodsworth for current students and those of the future.  Being a part time student currently myself in the Bridging program I can relate to the challenges of balancing school, work and family life.  With all the hurdles one may face through an academic year, part time or otherwise, I firmly believe having fun may not eliminate all the potential stresses, but will most definitely make it a more enjoyable journey.     


Furthermore, I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and causing community.  If elected I’d organize events part time students would want to attend with flexible times to accommodate their schedule.  Organize initiatives they’d benefit being apart of and adding value to their social wellness with other like-minded individuals. 

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