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Hey everyone! My name is Ahmad and I'm a third year student doing a double major in Economics and Statistics with a Mathematics minor. I love being outdoors and photography, playing volleyball and watching sunsets are some of my favourite things to do. Space really fascinates me. I love clicking photos of the moon and often it gets me wondering about the vastness of space.

Hihi everyone! My name’s Nicole Fung and I’m one of the co-OC’s for the upcoming year! I’m going into my third year at UofT double majoring in criminology and biomedical toxicology with a minor in psychology. Fun fact, I always use way too many exclamation marks in all my emails, so if you ever email me I’m so sorry! I play a lot of valorant and league of legends in my spare time, but don’t ask my rank though🥲 I’m so excited to get to see you all in person during orientation week!


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Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew Fernandes, but most people know me as Ferny. I am a part-time student heading into my 4th year of study. I am currently finishing my an Applied Statistics degree with a focus in sociology and a double minor in computer science and economics. I love physical activities such as weightlifting, mountain biking, tennis, basketball, and ice skating, enjoy reading (favourite genre would be sci-fi, followed by mystery) and can be quite the movie buff. From black holes, to quasars and anitmatter, when it comes to space, there are so many cool things to read and learn about. My favourite part is the sheer limitless potential it yields. You can find a planet made out of diamonds one second, and one being a fire planet made of lava the next. It's really incredibly how little we know and how small we really are. So, just like going out into space, university is a trek into the unknown (albeit, you're probably more prepared for it than a trip to the next galaxy over). Welcome aboard!

Hiii Wolfpack! My name is Rameen and I am the Registration Director for this year's orientation. I'm going into my third year, specializing in Political Science. As evident from my program, I am a Canadian politics junkie and could go on talking about our party leaders for hours! In my free time, I enjoy taking road trips, cooking although I'm not very good, and walking all over Toronto in search of the cutest cafes. I'm also a huge foodie, so hit me up for food recommendations around campus :)) My favourite part of space has to be the moon Titan, it has hydrocarbon lakes and ice volcanoes, it all sounds so mystical. On that note, the entire OEC is working very hard to plan an 'out of this world' orientation for all of you, and I look forward to meeting you!

Hello! My name is Jessica Wang, I am going into my second year at Rotman Commerce, Specializing in Management with a focus in Finance! I will be the marketing director for this year's in person orientation!  I absolutely love snowboarding and will race anyone who challenges me, I have a (healthy) obsession with pandas and I have a cat named Yumi that looks like a loaf of bread (seriously). If there is one piece of advice I would give to incoming students is that attending orientation is WORTH IT! You get a sneak peek into the upcoming uni life WHILE getting tips and tricks from your upper-year leaders, AND meeting new people who may become your life-long friends!

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Bonjour bonjour! My name is Yasmine and I'm currently a third year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Management. If you're a newly admitted RC student feel free to ask me all your ECO101 questions...iykyk. In 2021, I was an Orientation Head Leader and had a blast connecting with all the new students! This year I became Sponsorship Director and am tasked with finding sponsors to make sure your orientation week is as memorable as possible :)

Hi! My name is Leen Al Lababidi, and I am an international third year student in Computer Science. I love playing D&D and story-rich video games in my free time! I also play guitar and dabble in some creative writing. Fun fact: I have never seen the galaxy in the sky, but it is on my bucket list.


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Hi! My name is Joyce and I’m going into my Third year, majoring in Statistics and double minoring in Mathematics and Psychology. This is my third year getting involved with Woodsworth Orientation and I’m so excited to meet a lot of new people in-person this year. A fact about me is that my favourite color (for now) is purple, hence my hair :))

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hii! I’m Denise, a second year in Rotman Commerce (which is basically like 90% of Woodsworth) pursuing data science/marketing focuses. I also really love all the arts, from my drawing and design work on the Orientation Committee to speeches and public speaking. My favourite part of space is probably the stars, it’s really cool how all the elements we know started from them. If you’re still paying attention I’m putting in a recommendation here to BUY ORIENTATION TICKETS! It’s the first in person one since covid began and definitely something you don’t want to miss!

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Hello astronauts! My name is Nancy, and I will be going into my second year of study at Uoft this fall. I'm majoring in Nutritional Science and Cell & Molecular Biology with a minor in Immunology! At leisure, I'm either gaming, fangirling idols, or exploring food places with friends. I'm a huge HUGE kpop fan, I stan a lot of male groups including NCT, TXT, Seventeen, and Ateez <3 Food-wise, I would say ramen will always be my comfort food, love the ones with thick broth. My favourite part of space is the milky way, It's incredible that we are even a part of them!

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Hiii! My name is Zahrah and I'm going into my fourth year in Rotman Commerce specializing in Management. A fun fact about me is that I looove cats and I have a 3-year-old ragdoll named Milo! In my spare time, I like to bake, watch tv shows, or spend way too long scrolling on TikTok. My favourite part of space would have to be nebulas, I'm always fascinated when I see those vibrant, colourful pictures of them.

heyo i’m cindy, currently in my second year studying math/sta. my all time favourite person is taylor swift and beside that i love to sleep :D


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Hey everyone, my name is Alessandro Spagnolo (he/him). I'm a third year student pursuing a double major in english and history, hoping to go into education post-undergrad. A fun fact about me is that I am an aspiring writer, and some of my hobbies include writing, playing sports, and watching anime. My favourite part of space definitely has to be seeing the stars on a clear summer night


Hi! My name is Hannah Yin. I am a second year majoring in Peace, Conflict, Justice and Contemporary Asian Studies. My favourite part of space is now Pluto because I feel bad that it is no longer a official planet. In my spare time, I love binge watching shows and baking. I also have a habit of blasting music at a ridiculously high volume. If you hear music out of anyones earbuds on campus, it might be me :D

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