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Election Guidelines

As this election will be conducted entirely online, we have made a few amendments to our operating procedure Candidates must follow. The following stipulations supersede any contradictory provisions in our official election policy:

  1. All campaigning must be restricted to online mediums for the duration of the election:

    • All in person activities including hanging physical posters, doing in person giveaways, physical tabling and in person canvassing of any kind are strictly prohibited 

    • Acceptable online platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and any platforms provided for by the Association

  2. Candidates will not be required to have poll clerks for this election

  3. Candidate spending of any kind will not be permitted for this election

  4. Giveaways are strictly prohibited for this election

  5. All guidelines regarding content for physical posters will apply to all online posts 

  6. Personal websites of any kind are strictly prohibited

  7. Online canvassing, defined as any directed attempts to solicit votes from students by means of mass messaging or any other widespread directed efforts operating on an individual level is strictly prohibited

    • Ex. Copying “I am running for __, please vote for me at” and sending it to everyone on your facebook friends list is not allowed

    • In cases where it is unclear whether or not something constitutes canvassing, a decision will be made at the discretion of the CRO 

  8. In the event that the nomination period needs to be extended for any reason:

    • The period shall be extended for a minimum term of 48 hours

    • Candidates who have already submitted a valid nomination package shall not be permitted to rescind their nomination in order to run for a different position 

  9. You are expected to get signatures on your nomination package yourself, having other people distribute your package is not acceptable and constitutes a violation of our electoral policy

Any non-compliance with the above stipulations shall constitute a violation of the election policy and shall result in disciplinary measures taken at the discretion of the CRO

Any questions or concerns regarding the election may be addressed to the Chief Returning Officer at

Available Positions

Executive Positions

• President

• Vice President of Internal Affairs

• Vice President of Financial Affairs

• Vice President of External Affairs

• Vice President of Social Affairs

• Vice President of Athletic Affairs

• Vice President of Public Relations

Board of Directors Positions

• Associate Director of Financial Affairs

• Associate Director of External Affairs

• Associate Director of Social Affairs

• Associate Director of Athletic Affairs

• Associate Director of Public Relations (2)

• Academic Bridging Students’ Director

• Part-Time Students’ Director

• Professional Development Director

• International Students’ Director

• Indigenous Students’ Director

• Equity Commissioner (2)

• Mental Health Director

• Community Outreach and Sustainability Director

• Off-Campus Students’ Director (2)

• Upper-Year Students’ Director (2)

• Mature Students’ Director (2)

NOTE: Brief descriptions of each available position are found in WCSA’s Bylaws

Election Guidelines and Available Positions

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