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Woodsworth College 



The Woodsworth College Students’ Association (WCSA) consists of student representatives elected to serve, represent, and advocate for the students of Woodsworth College. Formed in 1975, WCSA strives to enrich students’ university experience, provide a number of useful services, and is constantly expanding what it offers from professional development to club funding. WCSA’s goal is to actively maintain and promote the status of the students of Woodsworth College as full, equal, and participatory members of the University of Toronto. 


WCSA organizes extracurricular cultural, athletic, professional development, community outreach and social activities in a manner that keeps with the highest standards of equity and environmental sustainability.  In the past, some of the most popular social initiatives run by the Association include Woodsworth’s Orientation Week, WCSA Pancake Wednesdays, Puppy Therapy, the Red Party Winter Semi-Formal, and the annual Woodsworth Awards Gala.  In addition to the numerous social initiatives run by WCSA throughout the year, WCSA strives for advocacy work on behalf of the students of Woodsworth College to promote the standards of equity, accountability, transparency, and inclusion that define the Association. This includes advocacy work on LGBTQ2+ rights, anti-discrimination work for racialized students, mental health awareness, low income financial assistance, and most recently, the Free Menstrual Products Campaign, which aims to create a more inclusive, more accommodating, and less stigmatized environment for women.



President's Message

President - Jessica Johnson

Hello Wolfpack, 


My name is Jessica Johnson and I am truly honoured to serve as your President on the 2022-2023 Woodsworth College Students’ Association’s (WCSA) Board of Directors. As student leaders at Woodsworth College, it is our responsibility to offer student services, organize social events, and amplify student voices to upper administration at Woodsworth College and the University of Toronto. The Woodsworth College Students’ Association is YOUR student council, elected by YOU to serve, represent, and advocate for the students of Woodsworth College. 


Woodsworth College is a vibrant community filled with a wide variety of students, and our Board of Directors reflects that diversity. Our directors host a multitude of events targeted at different communities within our college, including mature students, academic-bridging students, international students, commuter students and more! These events give our students an opportunity to connect with others and to take a break from their busy schedules. There is always a way for you to be involved, you just have to put yourself out there! 


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments (or just want to say a quick hello!), please reach out to us! You can reach me at or find the contact information of any of our team members on our Meet the Team page.  


I wish you all the best for the upcoming academic year, and please remember that we are here for you. 




Jessica Johnson 
President, Woodsworth College Students’ Association

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